Terms Of Service

ImageCute.com.ve is a free Image facilitating site which enable clients to transfer pictures. Enrolled clients can procure brisk cash by sharing pictures and connections transferred on ImageCute.com.ve with their companions or anyplace on internet. The more perspectives your pictures get the more cash you acquire..

ImageCute Terms and Condition

You should be Logged In while transferring the picture.

Just a single record is permitted per individual. In the event that we discovered client agreeing to accept in excess of one records, we will boycott All records of client and scratch off all income.

Transferring hostile material, copyright material, or any unlawful stuff will bring about perpetual boycott of your record and all profit will be scratched off with no notice, If you are not a record holder and we discover you are transferring hostile pictures, they will be erased on the spot and your ip will be for all time prohibited.

ImageCute.com.ve have the privilege to erase, move or supplant any transferred picture which goes under the class of copyrighted material, provocation or hostile material and have no duty regarding lost picture or picture url.

You are in charge of keeping up the secrecy of the secret word and your record security and are completely in charge of all exercises that happen under your watchword or record. You consent to instantly advise ImageCute.com.ve of any unapproved utilization of your secret word or account or some other break of security, and guarantee that you sign out from your record toward the finish of every session. ImageCute.com.ve won't be or won't assume any liability for any misfortune or harm emerging from your inability to agree to the run the show.

ImageCute.com.ve have the privilege to boycott or suspend record or wipe out profit of any client who won't be take after standards and Tos of ImageCute.com.ve.

ImageCute.com.ve have the privilege to change CPM rates whenever without earlier notice. All further profit will accord to new CPM rates taking effect right now.

While sharing pictures or connections, the accompanying conduct or constituent 'mishandle' and will result to your record cancelation promptly and without warning:

Sending spam messages or messages or spam by means of IMS

Producing counterfeit activity. (i.e. self-clicking or utilizing autosurf programming/site/bots)

Producing movement by utilizing concealed casings.

Constraining client to tap on picture or picture url.

Endeavoring to get sees by means of PTC movement.

Endeavoring to get sees through movement exchanging.

All the above focuses will be consider as misrepresentation and result to cancelation account and acquiring on the spot.

ImageCute.com.ve have the privilege to evacuate any substance that bargains with the security of ImageCute.com.ve servers or ImageCute.com.ve staff.

ImageCute.com.ve have the privilege to suspend, piece or expulsion of your record or pictures if there should arise an occurrence of any security risk or in surpass of transmission capacity or surpass in restriction given to the sort of record.

ImageCute.com.ve won't be in charge of installment delay, ImageCute.com.ve will just pay subsequent to inspecting your record upto security level.

Payout date can be change by the ImageCute.com.ve whenever or number of payout days can be expanded or diminished. Client may be paid on the date chose by ImageCute.com.ve at the season of installment ask.

Installment will be given simply in the wake of confirming your record, your pictures and wellspring of perspectives/hits to your pictures by ImageCute.com.ve Staff , Any phony snaps or illicit snaps recognized by our framework or staff will bring about prompt boycott of your record.

All legitimate grown-up pictures are permitted.

Transferring tyke porn or any tyke mishandle pictures will bring about quick boycott and all profit will be wiped out. Advance in this sort of case ImageCute.com.ve will work and give full help and data to lawful specialists. ImageCute.com.ve is entirely against youngster mishandle and we work with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and will coordinate with them if there should arise an occurrence of any kid manhandle/porn/harrasment conntent is found by any client of ImageCute.com.ve.

Transferring any culpable grown-up content/creature manhandle or porn/youngster mishandle or porn or any grown-up content which is culpable will bring about changeless boycott.

We pay for grown-up pictures, we don't pay for non-grown-up pictures.

Disclaimer: Though ImageCute.com.ve has connected a strict principles and directions to manage all the picture sharing conduct and constantly and carefully screens the sorts of pictures transferred to its servers, ImageCute.com.ve isn't in charge of the substance of any transferred records, nor is it in association with any elements that might be spoken to in the transferred documents as pictures are transferred by clients. ImageCute.com.ve will connect significance to your mishandle reports, and will make suitable move inside 24 hours!